Our company

BioSCO was founded in 2016 in Compiègne (Picardy) by Thibaut de Saint-Denis and Birome Holo Ba, supported by premium agro-industrial group and VCs.

BioSCO targets the worldwide market of agro-resources logistics optimization. If not optimized, logistics causes excess of costs and carbon footprint. The logistic accounts for a major part of crop value, when producers’ margins are thin, variable and unpredictable.

Our solutions

Our research & Innovation team develops multiple mathematical models, based on innovative applications of large-scale operational research.

Biosco’s RonGO SaaS has been specifically developed to address the specifics of agro-resources supply chain. RonGO, as a Decision Support System, breaks the rules with real-time logistics optimization, based on innovative applications of large-scale operational research, and brings important costs savings.

Moreover, RonGO substantially reduces carbon footprint by optimizing storage building, as well as reducing mileage and petrol use.

In order to help you develop the performance of your company, RonGO supports your decisions in :

Supply chain performance audit

Based on your previous campaigns, RonGO will highlight your potential savings and improvements. 

Reaction to hazards

During your campaign, you will be able to simulate in real time any hazard:

  • Internal hazard: unavailability of an equipment, change in allotment strategy..

  • External hazard: weather, unavailable transportation…

Real time optimization of operations

RonGO provides optimized views of:

  • Storage plan

  • Transportation plan

  • KPIs: environmental impact, fleet size, detailed costs

Our team

Birome Holo BA
Fondateur - Directeur Scientifique
Docteur en recherche opérationnelle
Thibaut de SAINT-DENIS
Fondateur - Président
Jérome ZANON
Chef de projet IT
Développeur IT
Pierre-Emmanuel Philipon
Ingénieur commercial

Comité stratégique

Finovam Gestion - Membre du directoire
Chargé d'investissements à Picardie Investissement
Christian ROUSSEAU
Agriculteur RESPECT'in & Adherent de VIVESCIA
Président chez Adix, membre du groupe Triangle

Comité scientifique

Francis VALTER
Coordinateur projets biomasse groupe Avril (Président)
Christian PRINS
Professeur des universités UTT
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